As a designer turned strategist, I research, document, and analyze how people interact with the world in order to stimulate knowledge, guide brands, and create objects.

I studied Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (ID '10) and currently work as a strategist at Sub Rosa.

Client Projects

Personal Projects


Archived Projects


Google Lines

An interactive map inspired by the work of Irene Kopelman and her book, The Molyneux Problem.


A travel agency providing cultural insight and logistical know-how to Americans traveling to Cuba.

Streetlight Films

A small, award–winning production company based in New York City.


A series of blog posts mailed as postcards.

Digital Pendulum

An installation using simple physics to demystify the complex and invisible nature of RFID fields.

Volunteer Housing

A research and design project aimed at understanding homelessness in Providence, RI in order to make a positive impact throughout the community.

The Obsolescent

A tribute to obsolete technology.


A service concept promoting healthy and communal eating habits.

Plywood Stools

A set of stacking stools.


A ready-to-assemble table designed with small apartment living in mind.

Have a Seat, Please

An attempt to free a stool of its function and definition.